Episode #0017 – 5 Value drivers to consider when selling

In this episode of Pricing College – Joanna and Aidan talk about 5 things to consider when selling anything – and take the example of a TV set.

TV watching is still a common pass time – even if it is now more Netflix than broadcast channels. However, when selling any item – what are common value drivers that should be considered.

The TV set has technical criteria that customers want – but we explore other value drivers that may be less obvious.



[01:30] Technical aspects are always important – but there are many more things to consider.
[02:30] Joanna believes that the size of a TV set is of prime importance in Australia.
[03:05] Re-badging is very common in the TV industry – but is your TV a status symbol? Pay a premium for a brand.
[03:40] Joanna focuses on warranties and guarantees relating to the brand.
[04:30] Does the store actually have stock – will you wait a month or will you pay more to take it away now?
[05:10] Does the TV fit with other tech in your house – i.e. does it integrate with Apple, Google etc and is there after sales support?
[06:10] Is your customer an Apple or an Android family. The product needs to fit into your “ecosystem”


TV brands and prices

Is a TV a status symbol

Harvey Norman warranty

The Apple ecosystem

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